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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Shiny New Bicycle

The good news: there are only five days left in the Tour de France and I have a new bicycle. The bad news: two of the stages are in the Alps, and I am very tired. I had ridden my bike to work daily from Alexandria to the White House, but that little commute hardly prepared me for these 110-mile mountain stages. They have put me in difficulty. Fortunately, Team Rabobank acquired a brand new 10-speed bicycle for me. It's red.

In yesterday's stage, I wanted to ride up to Mr. Lance to congratulate him for his stunning victory over Ivan Basso.  Before I could get to him, several of my former teammates swerved into me and elbowed me, which is what I had seen them do to other cyclists who dared ride near the front of the pack without credentials. Has it been so long? Have they forgotten how I helped Mr. Lance climb Le Mongie? Have they forgotten the Col de Tourmalet? After dinging my bell twice, I yeilded to their will and blended in with the rest of the peleton. My new allegiance is to Team Rabobank and Levi Leipheimer, who is currently riding in tenth position. I shield him from wind and fetch water bottles. Oh, who am I trying to kid? I care nothing for Levi Leipheimer. Go Lance! Win for all of us!


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