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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Start of the Mountain Stages

Today was a rough day. I am very tired. It was the longest ride of the day with several category 1 and 2 climbs. In the latter part of the climbs, I keep pushing down the lever to downshift into a fourth gear, but my bicycle has only three gears. To make matters worse, I over-hydrated my body. I kept having pull off to the side of the road and relieve my bladder. Richard Virenque took advantage of one such nature call and attacked the pelaton. It was my responsibility to control breakaways today, but when I tried to get back on my bike to start the chase, I noticed that Daag had stabbed had punctured one of my tires. You might ask, How did I know it was Daag? Easy — the Swiss Army knife that was poking out of the rear tire had the name "Daag Haus" stenciled on it. The team mechanic was able to change the flat in a mere matter of minutes, but I had lost too much valuable time.

More later. I must rest.


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