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Friday, June 25, 2004

How to Deal with the Liberal Media

I get to talk to lots of people here at the White House, and not just famous people. I get to talk to maintenance personnel, caterers, lobbyists, reporters — you know, the type of people that Mr. Bill Clinton calls the "little people." The sad thing is that most of these little people don't want to talk about anything but the war in Iraq. When the liberals want to get into a debate, I feel like I'm shooting fish in a barrel. Here's a conversation I had with a woman from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, another representative of the liberal media:

PI: We shouldn't have gone to war with Iraq. Not without the support of the United Nations.

ME: The United Nations is a corrupt organization that is no longer useful. Are you aware of the scandals? The U.N. should be disbanded.

PI: Then what gave us the authority to go to war with Iraq?

ME: Iraq was clearly in violation of United Nations Resolution 1441. Have you read the original transcript?

PI: I thought you just said the United Nations is corrupt and useless.

ME: Have you read the original transcript of U.N. Resolution 1441?

PI: No.

ME: That's what I thought. Come talk to me when you have a deeper understanding.

Fish in a barrel.


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