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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I finally broke down and saw Michael Moore's movie the other night at my mother's request, and I have to admit that I was taken aback. Mr. George looks like a stupid idiot in that movie. Plus the movie subtly implies that the War in Iraq is not a just war. So this morning, while I was trimming the grass near the security fence, I saw a member of the GOP Rapid Response team eating a breakfast burrito on a bench. I asked him about the movie.

"Fahrenheit 9/11 is full of lies, Lenny."

"Thank God," I said. "What are the lies?"

"For one, the movie includes mistruths, distortions, errors, and falsehoods, for example."

"Can you give a more concrete example?" I asked.

"Yes. It's propaganda. The whole movie is progaganda."

"I was hoping for something a little more concrete."

"Michael Moore is a big, fat idiot. Don't believe anything he says."

This Rapid Response person wasn't much help, but then I used the World Wide Web of the Internet to find out more, and there are some half-truths and distortions. For example, the name of the book that Bush read for seven minutes after being told that the country was under attack was called The Pet Goat, not My Pet Goat. And there are other cheap shots and convenient juxtapositions in the movie. So it's true: Michael Moore is a big, fat idiot.


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